Deluxe Payment Exchange

All the benefits of a paper check, in one fast, easy, low cost digital solution.

Built with today's business owner in mind, Deluxe Payment Exchange allows users to process payments in just a few clicks. Clients can easily send a single check or import a check run. Whether it's 2 checks or 200, Deluxe Payment Exchange can send them in encrypted form in minutes.

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How does it work?

Deluxe Payment Exchange

1. Create an account and link bank account to the platform.

2. Enter payment details, remittance data and attachments directly into the platform, then upload a file, or, if using an eCheck, use the QuickBooks® connection. Select eCheck or Print+Mail for DPX to send out a printed check.

3. If using an eCheck, the recipient is notified of payment via email, views remittance data and chooses their deposit method, either electronically or printed. If using Print+Mail, the recipient receives their check payment with remittance data in the mail.

Big Benefits for Businesses

  • Reduced Time and Cost: Create and send digital payments in a fraction of the time and cost of sending paper checks manually. A DPX client reported that they ran 6,000 checks in just 9 minutes! The traditional method typically takes 7 minutes to complete just 10 checks.

  • Powerful Security Features: With fully integrated Positive Pay, DPX automatically sends the issuance file to the bank. Clients no longer need to upload issuance files to the bank or risk forgetting to do so. DPX reduces the opportunity for check fraud by mail by using a secured website for sending and receiving payments. Each eCheck payment includes a proprietary stamp that allows financial institutions to verify authenticity.

  • More Flexibility: Deliver payments in just seconds anytime, from anywhere, without the need for printers or check stock. If a business prefers to issue paper checks, they can select the Print+Mail service and we’ll print and mail checks with enhanced security features for them.

  • Easy Integration: DPX integrates seamlessly into a business’s current check-payment process, giving them various methods for initiating payments. They can issue directly through the platform, import via CSV file, utilize the direct QuickBooks® integration (for eChecks) or use API for high volumes of payments.

  • Simultaneous Remittance Data: Each DPX payment can include detailed, free-form remittance information for transactions like an accounts payable payment, an Explanation of Payment (EOP) for a medical payment, pay stub for a payroll payment, even claim information for an insurance payment.

  • Multiple Deposit Options: Recipients can print or deposit checks using available bank deposit methods, including mobile and branch, direct deposit, or deposit to debit card, or to PayPal are optional. Recipient would pay a convenience fee.


Contact your Treasury Management Officer or our customer service team at 503-548-1000.

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