Receivables Management

Let us help you reduce your operational and administrative costs and improve funds availability. The Commerce Bank of Oregon can collect and process your company’s deposits and customer payments through leading-edge technology.

ACH Electronic Collection

Automated Clearing House (ACH) allows you to predict or manage receivables by collecting payments electronically from clients, suppliers or vendors, eliminating the manual collection process.

Remote Deposit Management

Deposit checks electronically into your accounts right from your place of business using your computer and a desk-top check image scanner supplied by The Commerce Bank of Oregon allowing you to access your working capital sooner with faster receipt of funds while eliminating a trip to the bank.

Image Lockbox Service

Convert receivables into cash quickly, efficiently and accurately — maximize the use of funds and reduce processing costs. Check and remittance data is delivered electronically.

Merchant Services

Increase sales and customer loyalty by accepting Visa®, MasterCard® and other card types as payment for goods or services. Payments can be processed through wireless terminals, PC software, and Internet-based processing for mail and telephone order, business-to-business, and e-commerce transactions. Track and research transactions, settlements, and chargebacks through a web-based reporting tool.

Cash Vault Services

Securely transport cash deposits through our cash vault location. Convert cash deposits quickly to collected funds and automate your cash and currency ordering in an efficient, secure environment.

Courier Services

Check deposits and significant documents are picked up by a courier at your place of business and delivered directly to The Commerce Bank of Oregon.

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